SHENZHEN Comparative Advantages
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SHENZHEN Comparative Advantages
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    Economic Scale Advantage
    In 2004, the GDP of Shenzhen reached 342.28 billion yuan, and the total amount of import and export in foreign trade reached US$ 147.28 billion, and the amount of export was US$ 77.85 billion, and the amount of import was US$ 54.437 billion. The gross industrial output value was 650.927 billion yuan, and the output value of high tech was 327.8334 billion yuan, accounting for 50.4% of the gross industrial output value in the city. By the end of 2004, the accumulated amount of foreign investment was up to US$ 27.532 billion.
    Regional advantages
    Located at the forefront of Pearl River Delta, Shenzhen is connected to New Territory of Hong Kong in the south, and is near Daya Bay in the east, and reaches Pearl River Mouth in the west, and is near Dongguan and Huizhou in the north. It is an important coastal traffic hub in South China, and it has 12 ports, for easy access to Shenzhen, and is the only city in China which has marine, land and air ports. Shenzhen Port ranks the 4th among the world large container ports, and Shenzhen has the largest land passenger port in China Luohu Port and Huanggang Port; Guangshen, Shenshan Expressway and Jingjiu Guangshen Expressway connect Hong Kong, Shenzhen and the inland closely. Shenzhen Port adopts 24-hour clearance and electronic inspection, and the commencement of the Western Bridge will connect Shenzhen and Hong Kong more closely, and the regional advantages of Shenzhen will be strengthened, which will not only further develop the economy in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, but also will be the hub and bridge for Hong Kong to connect the Mainland of China and the world.
    Industrial and supporting facility advantages
    Shenzhen is the production and research base as well as the commodities trade center of high-tech products such as computer and software, communication equipment, audio and visual products, optical electromechanical products, biomedical products and medical equipment. Shenzhen has about 3,000 computer enterprises, producing almost all the computer parts. The output of color TV sets and computers come first in China, and the output of program controlled exchanges accounts for 80% in China, and the output of magnetic heads for hard disks ranks the 3rd in China, and the export of software ranks the firstly in China for 5 consecutive years, and the output of domestic brand mobile phones accounts for about 30% in China. The output of copy machines accounts for 43% in China, and the output of injection machine comes first in Asia, and the output of containers and digital multi-meters come first in the world. In addition, the furniture, clock and watch, clothes, gold and jewelry, and printing and artistic gift manufacturers are in the leading position in China.
    Shenzhen has 25,000 manufacturing enterprises, with complete industrial supporting facilities, and within the range of 2 hours' drive with Shenzhen as the center, you can purchase 90% of electric components, 80% of mechanical and mould raw materials and parts, and 60% of plastic, metal and chemical materials.
    Cultural advantages of immigration
    An old Chinese saying says: observe the climatic conditions to know the change of weather, and observe the human characteristics to manage the country with culture. Shenzhen is a new city with immigrants, and the human cultural characteristics in it are different from the traditional culture in other cities. It not only converts and activates the culture in inland, but also absorbs and combines foreign culture from Hong Kong. The unique geographical and cultural environment in Shenzhen creates the open, tolerant and innovative new culture in Shenzhen, so it becomes a city most suitable for overseas and domestic talents for development.
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