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Shenzhen Overview
Shenzhen Special Economic Zone was founded in 1980. It is the second largest special economic zone in China besides Hainan Province. Shenzhen is a newly emerging immigrant city. Most citizens came from other places in China and have moved to Shenzhen to take advantage of the many opportunities that are available. It is a long and narrow city with the length of 81.4 kilometers from east to north, but only 10.8 kilometers wide from north to south.
Over the last twenty years, Shenzhen has experienced rapid growth in its economy, society and other fields and has been transformed to a modern city from a small border town. Shenzhen's infrastructure has been dramatically improved, so today it is one of the most modern cities in China. Shenzhen is now making great efforts to be the best tourist destination in southern China.
Shenzhen boasts of many great attractions like Splendid China, Windows of the World, Chinese Folk Culture Villages, Evergreen Resort, Wild Animal Zoo, Yinhu Resort, Honey Lake Holiday Village, Fairy Lake Botanical Gardens, Xiaomeisha Beach Parks and Guanlan Lake Golf Resort. These attractions lure thousands of tourists from within China and abroad every year.
Shenzhen has set a goal of building a garden city while enhancing its role as a regional economic center close to Hong Kong. Shenzhen is being transformed into a high tech and new technology center, industrial center within China, a regional financial center, an information center, a trading center, a transportation center and tourism destination and it is fast achieving these goals. 
Shenzhen City Government has jurisdiction over six county-level districts. They are Luohu District, Futian District, Nanshan District and Yantian District in special economic zone and Bao'an District, Longgang District outside the zone.
City area code: 0755
Post code: 518100
XCD Finance Consulting Co., Ltd.----Professional business, finance and taxation agencies
Shenzhen Overview
-----Separate planning cities, sub-provincial cities
-----Collection of China's financial center, information center, business center, transportation center and tourist destination city
----China's only air and sea port city, interacting with the world's main gateway
---- 2011No.26Session of the World University Games host cities
----China's first recipient of"UNESCO Global Creative City Network"Identified as"Design Capital"City
Shenzhen is the first choice for you to invest in China one of the cities.
Our advantages:
    Established in 2002, Shenzhen's investment policies and laws and regulations are familiar with, and assistance includes: the United States, Poland, South Korea, Japan, Egypt, Germany, Spain and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan came to Shenzhen to invest in full service to assist with the planning.
In 2009, Shenzhen Financial Bureau, classified as A-level agency.
1\Foreign-invested enterprises registered
2\The foreign representative office registration
3\Joint ventures registered
4\Acquisition of domestic enterprises by foreign investors
5\Foreign-invested enterprises to change, capital increase
The required information:
Foreign-invested enterprises registered
1, by country and by the notary public notarized the Chinese Embassy in the country that (recipients) Museum certification of registration of foreign investors certificate or identity documents;
2, credit documents (original 1);
3, the project feasibility study report
4, office space rent lease contract or real estate license
5, board members or executive directors and proof of identity
Permanent representative office of foreign registration
1, belong to foreign companies, must be submitted by the countries where a notary public notary, and by the Chinese Embassy in the ground to make and consular certification document (original 1); is a Hong Kong and Macao enterprises should submit certified by the China-Appointed Attesting documents (original 1).
2, bank credit to prove
3, Chief Representative ID
4, the resident rental contract or property certificate
5, examination and approval organs for approval document
Joint ventures registered
1. Establishment of cooperative enterprise of the project proposal (one original copy, co-signed by all parties, sealed);
2. Cooperation parties jointly prepared the feasibility study report (3 copies of the original, cooperation, signed by all parties, sealed);
3. By cooperating parties to the legal representative or their authorized representatives of the parties signed and stamped with official seal of the cooperative enterprise contract and articles of association;
4. Co-operation of all parties, or business license registration certificate or identity document; by the country of a notary public notary and after the Chinese Embassy in the country that (T) Pavilion certified proof of registration of foreign investors or identity documents; credit certificates and the statutory representative of the valid documents;
5. Co-operation identified in consultation with the parties to a cooperative enterprise chairman, vice chairman, directors or joint management committee director, deputy director, members of the candidate list;
6. Involved in environmental projects, submitted to environmental approval issued by the environmental protection department.
Acquisition of domestic enterprises by foreign investors
1. Stake in M & A must submit the following documents:
(1) The shareholders of the General Assembly resolutions;
(2) equity after the merger contract, constitution;
(4) foreign investors to buy domestic shares or shareholders within the company's capital increase subscription agreement;
(5) The mergers and acquisitions within the Company's most recent fiscal year financial audit report;
(6), notary public notary by the host country and by the Chinese Embassy in the country that (T) Pavilion certified proof of registration of foreign investors or identity documents; Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan investors should be provided in accordance with law by the local notary public notary the registration certificate or identity document; credit documents;
(7) The acquisition of domestic companies invested enterprises note, was acquisition of domestic companies and the investment enterprise business license;
2. Acquisition of assets to submit the following documents:
(1) An application (original 1);
(2) agreed to sell the assets of the resolution (original 1);
(3) Contract, articles of association;
(7) notarized by a notary public and the country by the Chinese Embassy in the country that (T) Pavilion certified proof of registration of foreign investors or identity documents; Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan investors should be provided in accordance with law by the local notary public notary the registration certificate or identity document; credit documents;

We can also provide you with: Trade and Industry annual inspection, audit verification, work visas, tax agents.

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